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First day of the FAP national awards was memorable

The first day of the memorable FAP National Awards was graced by the Chief Guest Mr. Amarinder Singh Raja Warring Transport Minister, Mr. Kulwant Singh Dhaliwal Chairman World Care Cancer Society and eminent Sufi Singer Dr. Satinder Sartaj.

The Federation of Private Schools and Associations has been making continuous efforts to raise the standard of education in Punjab schools. At their last event, the federation had made an effort to encourage schools and principals, which was a memorable affair. On October 2nd the Federation, dedicated to the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi On his birth anniversary, by announcing a unique award for encouraging private school teachers. In which thousands of teachers from 16 states of India sent their videos to the federation according to their talents and teaching skills and the teachers provided information about their teaching techniques to the federation. Considering its quality, a high level team was formed by the federation in which Chandigarh University Gharuan finalized the names of the best teachers. Due to the large number of teachers, it was not appropriate to honor them in one day, so the program was divided into two days. Raja Amarinder Singh Warring, Transport Minister, who was the chief guest on the first day, attended the function and Kulwant Singh Dhaliwal, Brand Ambassador of World Cancer Care Society, graced the award ceremony directly from London. Prominent Sufi singer Dr. Satinder Sartaj and Punjabi film actress Sunita Dhir also graced the occasion to encourage the teachers. On this occasion Sufi singer Dr. Satinder Sartaj shared his thoughts with the teachers and said that he still remembers which teachers have made him capable of what he is today. He said that it is okay to give importance to English language, but you should not ignore the mother tongue of Punjab. He said that nations whose mother tongue dies are extinct. At the urging of the teachers, singer Dr. Satinder Sartaj also sang some of his melodies. The Chief Guest Transport Minister Raja Warring said in his address that for the first time in my life I see a meaningful way to motivate and raise the quality of teachers in private schools. Efforts are being made by the federation and for this they deserve heartiest congratulations. He also thanked the Chancellor of Chandigarh University Mr. Satnam Singh Sandhu for his contribution in this program and said about him that you too have made a name for Punjab by establishing Punjab University in Punjab. He further said that in the olden days there used to be free transport facility for students which are not there now. He said that he would do his utmost to provide free bus service to the students studying in private institutions and would soon provide some relief in the road tax levied on the transport of private schools. Welcoming the chief guests, Federation President Jagjit Singh Dhuri highlighted the achievements of the Federation and said that they are committed to raise the standard of private schools, but unfortunately private schools have been treated like stepmothers by previous state governments. He said that now the federation had brought all the private schools across Punjab under one banner of the federation and the day is not far when they would take up the demands of their private schools with full vigor. In his remarks, Kulwant Singh Dhaliwal said that honoring a teacher is tantamount to honoring the society. Being a global ambassador, He said that if I talk about cancer, if anyone can make a big contribution to prevent it then they are the teachers. Because if a teacher makes his 30 to 40 children aware of this, then those 40 children will be aware of cancer and as they are associated with 40 families their families will automatically be aware of cancer. He urged the teachers to change themselves according to the times and work according to the needs of the time. He said that in today’s society people need to change the direction of their charity. Giving an example, he said that if anyone falls ill in this auditorium, first he will be taken to the temple, the Gurdwara Sahib or hospital? In the same way, the rest of the officials of the federation also made their valuable contribution and won four medals in the FAP National Teacher Award. Among them are Senior Vice President Sanjay Gupta, Vice President Sukhjinder Singh, Punjab Legal Convener Sanjeev Kumar Saini, Joint Secretary Manmohan Singh, Secretary Bhupinder Singh Patiala, Senior Executive Member Anil Mittal. Finally, the first day of the event ended with Nooran Sisters performing her song and music and they mesmerised the entire teaching profession with their singing skills. The event was being telecasted live on the portal of Chandigarh University, which was being watched by the teachers sitting in their homes across the country. The first day of the event indeed left its indelible mark.

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