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Professional logo for educators developed by ‘FAP’ released by Hon’ble Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi

The Federation of Private Unaided Schools and the Association of Punjab is constantly striving to uplift the standard of education and the dignity of the private schools and the teachers working in them. The Federation first honored private schools and their principals across Punjab and yesterday honored about 800 teachers during the ‘FAP National Awards’ in which teachers from 16 states besides Punjab participated. Continuing the same series, another initiative was taken by the Federation, as each category of professional doctors, lawyers, etc. has its own professional logo. Similarly for educators also FAP President Dr. Jagjit singh presentedthe Professional logo for Educationists and Teachers,which is designed by Federation.It was released by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Punjab during the FAP National Awards held at Chandigarh University yesterday. The logo was handed over to the Chief Minister. Which was unwrapped and released by the Honourable CM.while Giving information to CM Dr. Jagjit Singh Dhuri said that the main purpose of designing this logo was to uplift the respect and dignity of the teachers. As we hear in foreign countries, people in the teaching profession are given a lot of respect everywhere. For example, he said that in many countries, it has happened that a teacher has to appear in case or Teacher went to the court to testify in another case. When the judge found out that a teacher was present in the court, he stood up from his chair in honor of that teacher. The idea of ​​the federation is that teachers should get such due respect in their own country as well. Because after the parents there are only teachers who provide the light of education to the students and only after getting education from them one can become a doctor, lawyer, engineer etc. in the future and contribute in the progress of the country. But it all starts with a teacher. Only an educator or a teacher can be the creator of a good and powerful society. India has been the center of education in the world since ancient times and in our society the status of Gurus who donate education is considered equal to that of God. The logo of all the core committee members of the federation was also affixed on the occasion. District Presidents and District Core Committee members from all the districts of the Federation were present.

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